About Us

Jill Cole is an Author and international Hypnosis regression specialist and channel. Many clients use her services to find out what their life purpose is. Jill's sessions address relationships, life and health issues. Her clients explore current trauma or intergenerational trauma, using Introspective Hypnosis to remove and uncover issues that can sometimes be carried through from a past life. Often old patterns are found that are being repeated in their current life that need healing. Jill also teaches automatic writing, how to manipulate time and the power of your voice. She connects people with their guides and deceased loved ones through hypnosis or guided meditation.

In 2002 she had a Near Death Experience and was shown how the human energy system works and what depletes it, she was told that it was not her time and that she needed to be a voice for the people and teach them about this simple system.

Visit Jill Coles Website: www.jillcole.org

Michelle Carpenter is a Medium, Grief and Trauma Intuitive, and Channel for the Council of 8, Angelic Beings of Light, and founder of Find your Joy workshop.Michelle works deeply, activating your heart and soul, attuning and tuning into where your energy is being held within your body, mind and spirit, creating expansion on all levels.

Michelle creates a safe space for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable, letting go of any old emotions, including intergenerational and ancestral. Diving deep is where Michelle is a specialist, fine tuning into the field of your body, mind and spirit. As you open your heart consciousness, you become more attuned into the vibration of love, stepping more into your truth, more joyful and authentic self!

Michelle uses breath, music, tonings, chants and whistles, gently guiding your body to receive, shifting you into a different frequency. As a Medium, Michelle connects to your loved one’s passed over into spirit, they give clear guidance in which she facilitates the messages for you.

Michelle is the direct channel for the Council of 8, Angelic beings of light. They are here to guide humanity in uncertainty, sharing their tonings and tunings, sharing their love for us and reminding us that we are one, pure consciousness. Michelle has studied different modalities, NLP, Integrative Quantum Medicine™ Certified, Counselling Skills, Hospice Volunteer, Micro Fascial Unwinding, Hatha Yoga teacher, Open to Channel.

Visit Michelle Carpenters Website: www.michellecarpenter.co.nz